It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!


Record your voice message


Upload your phone numbers


Schedule your outreach

It’s Simple!  SAMI set up is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  The user-friendly platform allows businesses to easily create and manage their messaging campaigns – no technical expertise required!

It’s Automated! SAMI’s calling system saves your business significant time and money by automating routine communication tasks.  This minimizes the need for manual intervention and allows your staff to focus on other business priorities.

It’s a unique Messaging system!  SAMI uses YOUR voice connecting you to your clients in a personalized way, customized to suit your specific needs.  Supports voice, text and video.

It’s an Intuitive Interface! SAMI’s calling system can be integrated with a wide range of different business applications including EMR’s, healthcare appointment and/or payment reminders, as a means to engage existing clients and to as a way to inform clients of important reminders.

SAMI is a team of experienced individuals who thrive on  “helping others” and whose mission is to “serve”.  These are the guiding principles that they live by each day.

SAMI has been proven to be a valuable tool for businesses who want to improve communication with their customers and streamline their operations