• Click “Subscribe Now” to be taken to SAMI’s app to set up your account, make a deposit and begin your SAMI outreach
  • Follow the prompts to create your outreach message whether text, voice or video
  • Upload your phone list and schedule the days, hours and frequency of outreach calls
  • Watch the real-time data on your outreach Dashboard
  • Super Easy to use.
  • Easily upload as many lists as you want and change your outreach programs as frequently as you would like.
  • Customize how often you would like SAMI to call your customers; you select the days, hours; and frequency calls.
  • Three Retry outreaches are included for those calls that are Unanswered.
  • Voice Message created by YOU. *This is the differentiator (making it personable).
  • Customized SMS texts.
  • Transfer Calls to a dedicated number that you select that will schedule your customer.
  • Import / Export options available with all reports.
  • Real Time Reports created to show your progress of outreach programs to review your success rate.
  • Determine ROI using outreach calculator.


SAMI pricing is Simple!  No hidden fees; no add-on pricing.  Subscribe and make a deposit into your account.  Use your SAMI Coins to create your message, upload your phone list and send your outreach.  It’s all included!

Use this ROI calculator to gauge the return on your investment

Pricing includes FREE set-up. Outreach can be a combination of voice and SMS features, whichever you prefer.

Large Group Discounts, Co-branding and Re-Seller Options are available; contact for additional information.

Your privacy and protecting your data is of utmost importance to us.

We care about protecting your information and that of your contacts. SAMI never sells or shares any of your information with any third party.  Our network security policies are HIPAA compliant and data transmission is secured We use encryption and secure servers for all critical information and work hard to protect and value the data that you have entrusted to us. For more information about our privacy policy and our commitment to not share or sell any of your data, read our full Privacy Policy.