Unity In The Community

The Catholic Diocese of Beaumont, Texas, with approximately 25,000 families, wanted a manageable and consistent way to engage their entire community with accurate messaging. They choose SAMI CALLS to launch a familiar voice message outreach campaign using the Bishop’s personalized message. 

The main objective of the campaign was to send a seasonal greeting and to invite the community to come back to the table of the Lord each Sunday.  In addition, the Bishop’s message asked the community to invite family, friends, and neighbors to share a meal together, encouraging unity in the community. 

The campaign was divided into two phases. The first phase was a stagnant greeting message which introduced the community to the use of SAMI CALLS as a Diocese communications resource and to collect feedback from those called. 

In the second phase, the Bishop’s personalized message requested a keypad prompt if action had been taken in response to his message’s invitation. 

The voice messaging campaign was a tremendous success for the Diocese.  Through Phase 1 messaging, the Diocese was able to streamline their member database by identifying viable phone numbers.  The personalized approach helped to create a stronger connection between the Diocese and the community with many members expressing their appreciation for the outreach.  

The refined database was used for Phase 2 of the campaign which resulted in a higher call completion rate. Those called were more likely to respond to the prompt request after having time to follow up on the Bishop’s invitation.  

Timing was crucial to consider in pacing the two phases of the campaign. Sending out the messages at strategic times during the holiday season helped maximize the campaign’s impact.  

Overall, the campaign exceeded the Diocese expectations. They reported that by personalizing the voice messages, they were able to create a stronger connection with the community and drive higher member engagement.  

SAMI has been a wonderful tool to reach out to all of the people of my Diocese. Its simple format has allowed for regular communication and response.

Bishop David L. Toups

Diocese of Beaumont

Transforming Political Campaign Communications

A local political campaign enlisted SAMI CALLS as a revolutionary new way to connect with voters. The SAMI platform personalized calls from the Candidate to engage, inform and mobilize supporters like never before. 

One of the standout features of SAMI CALLS is its ability to tailor personal messages. This level of customization allowed the Candidate to craft messages that resonated with voters, leading to higher engagement rates and ultimately, greater support for the campaign.   

With the use of Smart Routing, the campaign enjoyed greater operational efficiency.  The timely auto-dial system saved countless staff hours, leaving time to focus on other campaign priorities.  Only those calls that were answered and opted to re-route back to campaign headquarters would then connect directly with a staff member.  

The detailed data that SAMI CALLS delivers provided invaluable insights into voter behavior and preferences which enabled the campaign to further refine its messaging and outreach strategies in real-time.  The platform’s analytics tools are robust and easy to use driving data-driven decisions to maximize the messaging impact. 

Overall, SAMI CALLS played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success by taking communications to the next level and reaching and connecting with voters in ways that were previously unimaginable.

SAMI CALLS enhanced my campaign’s operational efficiency by taking the workload off four staff members who otherwise would have had to manually place calls to votersUsing SAMI’s effective autodial system, staff could focus on other pressing priorities which resulted in a more effective campaign. This service has enriched our efforts and, after receiving my personal voice message, voters felt connected to our mutual mission of bettering our communityThe fruits have yielded many donations and coffee meetings to discuss our town’s top issues of todayI highly recommend SAMI CALLS to anyone who is serious about truly connecting & engaging with the community.

Aaron A.

Town Council Candidate 
Gilbert, AZ 

Empowering A Non-Profit To Reach New Heights

SAMI CALLS was enlisted by a national advocacy organization dedicated to education and support of young people on college campuses. As their presence quickly grew from 200 sites to over 1,000 in all 50 states, the challenges in effectively communicating with their stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, and coordinators also mounted. Their manual communication processes were time-consuming, prone to errors and lacked personalization.  

SAMI CALLS worked closely with the management team to tailor the system to meet their specific needs. The donor database was integrated with SAMI CALLS to automate the delivery of personalized voice messages for fundraising campaigns with call-to-action smart prompts. In addition, organization wide communications were streamlined and scheduled for consistent internal messaging.  

The implementation of SAMI CALLS greatly impacted the operational and outreach efforts. The automation of communication processes saved considerable time and resources.  With the improved efficiency that SAMI CALLS provided, more stakeholders were reached in a timely and consistent manner.  

Personalized messages resonated with donors and volunteers, leading to increased engagement and support for programming. By sending timely and relevant communications, stronger and more enhanced relationships were developed with donors, leading to higher retention rates and increased donations. 

The implementation of SAMI CALLS as their Customer Communications Management system transformed communications strategy, enabling this 501(c)3 to reach new heights in efficiency, engagement and support for their mission.

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Sarah R.

Custom Clothier Stylist

SAMI Calls will be a great communication resource to alert our members about events and important information for our facility.  It is great that the platform is so simple to use!


Marina General Manager

SAMI is an amazing way to communicate with a large number of people! SAMI has saved our staff countless hours and has made a huge difference in our office efficiencies. Very impressed and grateful!

Rachel J.

Diocese of Beaumont

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